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Book source: The Boni Maroon Wars in Suriname, Wim Hoogbergen, E.J. Brill, leiden, 1990. ISBN 9004093036.

Subject: [Mil. History] The Buku Campaigns (part 3)

It was now April 1772 when a military force was assembled of 150 soldiers and 150 slave bearers. The group was commanded by Captain J.H. Oorsinga The unit travelled by boat first on the Cottica river and they then followed the Barbakoeba creek until they reached the swamps which surrounded Buku. They could not wade through the swamp to reach Buku. They could see from a distance that the fort had been reinforced as the stockade wall was now 5 meter high. Also a yellow/black flag with a white lion was defiant waving in the breeze. It soon started to rain and the water level in the swamp was edging up and up. While the military force camped at a distance outside the fort, these men had no idea that the Maroons were raiding another plantation. The patrol had its hands full taking care of the wounded men who had stumbled on booby traps such as sharp stakes hidden in the water of the swamp. It was now July 1772 and Captain Oorsinga became ill and returned to Paramribo while he left his men at Buku. The force was trying to construct a bridge to get across the swamp but they were not successful. Captain Oorsinga was replaced by J.C. Halthaus who had the mission to offer an amnesty to the Maroons which was later rejected. In the mean time the military group was reinforced by the Black Rangers. The plan was to send an ammunition resupply patrol commanded by Major Scholts to Buku and join there J.C. Halthaus. The Black Rangers would follow a different avenue of approach and reach Buku from the east. The resupply patrol came under attack and had to be given up as the force began to withdraw. The Black Rangers were not aware of the retreat and continued their mission. On 24 July they found a Maroon jungle path which led to Buku. As they did not know that the Dutch force had withdrawn to the rear they were tricked by the Maroons who masqueraded as 'friendly' and lured some Black Rangers into the fort where they were captured. The 11 Black Rangers were later executed. ....... ---------

Met dank aan Albert Buys

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