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Book source: De Militaire Geschiedenis, Maj-Arts J.Karbaat, TRIS (2) Geschiedkundige Aantekeningen Over Suriname en Paramaribo, Fred Oudschans Dentz, De West.

Subject: [Military History] The Garrison Army

In 1683 Gov.Gen. van Aersen van Sommelsdijck obtained permission to take along to Suriname 3 companies of 100 men each, 3 captains, 2 lieutentants, 2 sub-lieutenants, 1 adjutant and 2 sergeants. The GovGen personally selected the officers. One comapny already existed in Suriname. Thus the GovGen had one battalion which was commanded by captain Laurens Verboom. The army consisted of many foreigners. The annual salaries were as follows: captain --fl 800 lieutenetant --fl 400 sub-lieutenant --fl 350 adjutant -- fl 315 sergeant --fl 3.15 per week Only unmarried officers were sent to Suriname. In 1684 after the rainy season, this army was sent out to clear the banks of the Suriname river from Indians who had menaced the colonists. The expedition lasted 10 weeks and 30 indians were killed, 16 taken prisoner, 14 villages destroyed. There were 13 Dutch deserters. One was executed and three tortured. In 1684 the colonial governemnt in Suriname asked the home government and received approval to send Dutch criminals/convicts to Suriname for military service. In 1688 there were frequent food shortages and the soldiers were often quartered and fed on the plantations. Morale was low and in July 1688 some military malcontents assassinated GovGen van Sommelsdijck and Captain Verboom. Armed civilians restored order and 8 soldiers were executed by hanging, 3 tortured and 60 returned to Holland in chains. ---------

Met dank aan Albert Buys

Met dank aan Albert Buys

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