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Book source: Geschiedkundige Aanteekeningen Over Suriname en Paramaribo, Fred Oudschans Dentz, De West, paramaribo, 1972. No ISBN. Narrative of an Expedition Against the Revolted African-Surinamese of Surinam, J.G. Stedman. Univ of Mass Press, Amherst, 1972. ISBN: 0-87023-093-x

Subject: [History] Governor-General Series

So far, it has been difficult to obtain information about the 60 governor generals which ruled Suriname. Here is another up-date. 1683-1688 GG Cornelis van Aerssen, Lord of Sommelsdijk (1637-1688) Left for Suriname in 1683 to become the first governor general. He accomplished a great deal such as the peace treaties with the Caribs and Arawaks and Maroons along the Coppename river. There were some 50 houses built during his administration. Assassinated in 1688 by a group of discontented soldiers. 1688- ? Governor General van Scherpenhuijsen. Restored public order in Suriname. he set up the Police court of justice to investigate non-military cases. He strengthened the colony's defense system. 1734- ? GG Jacob Alexander Henri de Cheusses. He introduced a property tax system and encourage the cultivation of herbs. The herb garden became later the hortus Surinamensis. 1742-1753 GG Johan Jacob Mauricius (1692-1768) Signed peace treaties with Saramaccans. The colony now attained peace and prosperity. 1751-1752 GG Baron Hendrik Ernest von Sprocke -Major General. He was sent to Suriname to invesitgate GG Mauricius. 1757-1768 GG Wigbold Cromelin. The civil and military hospital were built ( from timber) during his tenure. 1768-1779 GG Jan Nepveu (1719-1799). A member of a family of French Huguenots. The town of Paramaribo grew into one of the largest towns in South America. He showed remarkable knowledge of country and people. 1783-1784 GG Bernard Texier a French Huguenot. 1784-1790 GG Jan Gerhard Wichers 1790-1802 GG Jurriaan Francois Friderici He enlarged the governor's house (now presidential palace). 1804-? GG Pieter Berranger 1804-1816 British GG Bonham 1817-1821 GG Cornelis Rijnhard He rebuilt Paramaribo after the big fire. ? GG Smidt He planted mahogany trees what is now the Mahony Laan. 1854-? GG Jhr. van Sypesteyn He created a park near Fort Zeelandia. ? GG Baron van Heemstra 1828-1831 GG Paulus Roelof Cantzlaar- admiral He revised taxes pertaining to rent of houses. He was also GG of Curacao. 1839 GG Julius Constantijn Rijk - admiral Note: please post any additional information about the governor generals! -------

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