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Book source: The National Geographic Magazine, April 1943

Subject: [Mil. History] WWII in Pictures

The National Geographic Magazine, April 1943, shows the following pictures: (1) American Soldiers Show Bush African-Surinamese that They, too, Can Paddle Dugout Canoes. (B/W) (2) From This Lofty Perch American Soldiers Keep Vigilant Watch in Surinam (B/W). {An observation post is shown in a Kankan tree} (3) Surinam Gunners Move into Action in American Trucks. (color) (4) "Herr Hitler, Stay Away from our Door." (color) {Manning a coastal canon at Fort Nieuw Amsterdam by Dutch army gunners} (5) "Keep Your Arms Straight; Then Over With the 'Pineapple'." (color) {Grenade throw exercise by Dutch army} (6) Keen-eyed Riflemen Draw Careful Bead on Target. (color) {Rifle exercise in standing position by Duth army soldiers} ------

Met dank aan Albert Buys

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