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Book source: De Militaire Geschiedenis, Maj-Arts J.Karbaat, TRIS

Subject: [Mil. History] The Dutch Army for Suriname (1795-1868)

In 1795 during the 'Bataafse' Republic the army for Suriname was organized as follows: 2 to 3 battalions infantry (militia). Each battalion was made up of 393-396 officers and men. Organic to the battalion was 1 company of 'grenadiers' and 4 rifle companies. In addition there were 2 companies artillery. 1799-1802 Suriname became a British protectorate. When Suriname was returned to Dutch control in 1802 a new army for Suriname was formed. The plan was to activate: 4 West-Indies 'jagers' battalions. Each battalion had 8 companies. They became the 5th to 8th battalion of the Dutch Army. At the same time 4 companies artillery and one company engineers was formed. In the same year (1802) the 5th battalion and 50% of the 8th battalion was sent to Suriname. In 1803 "Lands Vrijkorps" was merged with the two battalions to bring them up to strength. In 1804 the British again took control over Suriname and the Dutch battalions were withdrawn to Holland. On Nov 20, 1815 (Treaty of Paris) Suriname returned to the King of Holland. That same year 2 battalions 'jagers' [10th and 11th] and 1 battalion artillery were activated in the Netherlands for duty in Suriname. They were held in reserve in Holland to block Napoleon's army. Then, they left for Suriname shortly thereafter and stayed in country until 1819. Units stationed in Suriname: 8 companies of 10th battalion 4 companies 11th battalion 2 companies artillery battalion In 1819 the 10th and 11th battalion were renumbered to the 27th and 28th battalion. In 1821, the 27th battalion was augmented with elements of the 28th battalion and the 28th was deactivated. The 27th battalion had now 9 companies (7 in Suriname and 2 in Holland). The artillery battalion became a field artillery battalion and one company would be assigend to Suriname while the 2nd company remained in Holland. In 1832 a further reduction of forces took place. The 27th battalion force structure was reduced to 3 companies stationed in Suriname and 2 in Holland. In 1846 the 27th battalion had only 4 companies and all were stationed in Suriname with 34 officers and 668 enlisted men. They remained at this force strength level until 1868. -------

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