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Book source: Geschiedkundige Aanteekeningen over Suriname en Paramaribo, Fred Oudschans Dentz, De West 1972

Subject: [History] Census 1694-1956...some kind of


The first assumed kind of census in Suriname took place in 1694. At that time it was not unusual that due to lack of money one would convert a pound of sugar into money like for example 1000 pounds of sugar is f50. Also the colonial government needed revenue and a certain amount of sugar had to be on the government's books to reflect what each person's share was. So based on the pounds of sugar it is estimated that in 1694 there were about 6423 Europeans and slaves.

The second census took place around 17 Dec 1811 under GovGen Bentinck and was more detailed as the count was based on religion, skin color and the status of being a slave or free slave. Christians, Portuguese and German Jews: 2124 Free colored, Christian, heathen: 2980 Total: 5104

Slaves: 50725 Total population 55829 (military not included) Also not included Bush African-Surinamese and Amerindians in the jungles. The third census took place in 1921 with the introduction of a population registration ('bevolkings register'). Population 107728 males 56177 females 51546 Bush African-Surinamese and amer indians were not counted.

Some scholars have estimated that in 1738 (B.van Oudemeulen) there were: 1731 Europeans 51096 slaves In 1787 The population was 63006 (excluding military, bush African-Surinamese and amerindians) 90% of the total population were slaves with some 10000-25000 run-away slaves.

{How such a small minority of Europeans could control a huge majority of slaves is interesting and I will attempt to show -why - based on available information in future postings.}

In 1938 the population was 150896 and 30% lived in the city of Paramaribo. A break down: 2000 European (1005 born in Holland while 995 outside Holland) 67749 Creoles 31930 Javanese 43844 Hindustanen 2159 Chinese 3211 Other 17000 estimated bush African-Surinamese 3500 estimated amerindians

In 1956 the population was (228400) 41% Creole, (900003) 5% Hindustanen, (70000) 17% Javanese, 40000 lebanese 2000 Chinese 2000 European 3000

Met dank aan Albert Buys

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