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Book source: Geschiedkundige Aanteekeningen over Suriname en Paramaribo, Fred Oudschans Dentz, De West, 1972

Subject: [History, Genealogy, Heritage] The French


There are many French names known throughout the history of Suriname. Most of the French came after 1681 (Edict of Nantes). {Governor General} Six became Governor General of Suriname: Nepveu, de Rayneval, de Cheusses, Crommelin, Texier and Berranger. {Commodore} Chambier, de Langes de Beauvesar. {Colonial Secretary} Fay, de Milly {Council of Police} Bion, Labadi, de I'lsle, Salmon, du Plessis, Jean Andre Tourton, Louis Chardavoine, C.P. Benelle, F. des Loges, A. Nepveu, J. Roux, D.F. Dundiran, J. Planteau, J.J. Rouleau, N.O. Pelichet, J.F. de Rayneral, J. Rochteau, J.A. Fronin, J.C. de Cazenabe, Daniel Pichot, Talbot, Pierre Melon, Pierre Juran (*), Jean Dupeyron (*), Gabriel de la Jaille (*). {Members of the Court of Civil Justice} Francois L'Espinasse (*), Jean Paul Tunnay, Jean David Cellier, Estienne Isaac Conderc, Charles Icard (*), Pierre des Mazures, Jean Fontane, F.L. Chaillet, E. Penard, J.C. Caucanes, J.J. Ferrand, M. Talbot, Felix Joseph Brethon (*), Pierre Dupeyrou (*) Note: names with a (*) are buried at the cemetery of the Reformed Church, Paramaribo. There are many more names of French refugees who did not occupy a key position but resided there. {Gov Gen} From 1650 to 1958 Suriname had more than 60 Governor Generals. 53 were Dutch (includes the 6 of French ancestry or by birth) 7 were British military officers. Of te 53 Dutch GovGens 34 were civilians and 19 were military officers. -------

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