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Book source: Surinaamse Oorlogsveteranen van de Tweede Wereldoorlog 1939-1945, Korea-oorlog 1951-1953, De Ware Tijd, Paramaribo.

Subject: [History, WWII, Korea] Veterans


During WWII (1939-1945) some 200 Surinamers went to war to liberate the Netherlands or defend the Netherlands East Indies.

There were six women who volunteered to go to England to liberate the Netherlands. They were Lt Anne van Trikt, Ro Wildschut, Anita Zorgvol, Annie Hiemcke, Carmen Goede, Jeanne Stifft.

Three heroes received the highest Dutch military decoration for heroism beyond the call of duty. The 'Militaire Willems Order' is comparable to the Medal of Honor.

-Captain, KNIL Hugo Ryhimer for heroism in the Netherlands -Sgt, KNIL Harry Voss, posthumus. He was executed in the Neth. East Indies -Adjutant, KNIL Mauritz Kokkelink for heroism in New Guinea. [KNIL is Royal Netherlands Indies Army]

Surinamers living in the Netherlands joined the Dutch underground. Such as: Anton de Kom who died in a German concentration kamp Ab Judell, Dr.Lashley, Dr Jap Tjong, Tjark Petzoldt.

Leo Alvares was killed in action during the recapture of the Netherlands with the Prinses Irene Brigade.

A well known gunnery sergeant Jacques M. Lemmer spent WWII escorting convoys on the North Atlantic route. Sergeant Major Willy Wooter survived the invasion of Normandy.

During the Korea conflict (1951-1953) some 115 Surinamers volunteered for Korea duty. Two were killed in action and are buried at Pusan military cemetery.

H.G. Seedorf was killed in a fire fight with North Koreans and his body was used as a booby trap. S.W. Bandion was killed in action by an enemy sniper. An incomplete list of known Korea volunteers: Frederick van Russel (Union leader) James Gill, Ling, Halfhide, Otmar Carrot and others. Wounded in action: Victor Schelts, Blos Ramantarsing. As the saying goes- "So we will not forget"

Met dank aan Albert Buys

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