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Source: Chief of Military History and Center of Military History, Washington, DC

Subject: [Mil. History] WWII Units of US Army Stationed in Suriname


1000th Coast Artillery BatteryUS Army Mine Planters (Jessup) US District Engineers, Paramaribo, Surinam Post Engineer Utilities Detachment, paramaribo, Surinam 352d, 354th Station HospitalBilliton, Moengo, Paranam Dispensary 249th, 282d, 283d, 284th MP Comapny266th MP Platoon Surinam Force unit, HQ &HQ and Svc Comapnay & MP Platoon Force Unit #8012, HQ & HQ & Svc Company602d, 870th Postal Unit 22d Signal Corps Svc Company120th Raio Intelligence company & Detachment Antilles Dept Signal Svc Battalion

Effective 1 Jun 1943, by General Order no. 31, HQ Trinidad Sector and Base Command dated 23 May 1943. Four fixed defense companies and the coastal artillery battery were approved. Personnel and equipment came from the 1st BN, 33d Infantry. Personnel were to be assigned for a short duration in Suriname. These companies were de-activated 31 Dec 1943. The coastal battery was returned to the US on 4 Aug 1943.

Under authority of the War Department letter, dated 23 Aug 1943, 4 companies were formed at Camp O'Rielly, Puerto Rico and departed on 15 Sep 1943 from San Juan and arrived at Paramaribo on 22 Sep 1943. 249th MP Company assigned to Zanderij 282d MP Company to Billiton 283d MP Company to Moengo 284th MP Company to Paranam Under authority, War Dept letter, 23 Oct 1943. 266th MP Platoon was activated at Paramaribo with 2 officers and 64 men. By General Order 72, Antilles Department, 7 Jul 1944. MP companies at Billiton, Moengo and Paranam were transfered to Puerto Rico and replaced by Dutch forces. The 266th MP Platoon in Paramaribo and the 249th MP Company at Zanderij remained in Suriname. These were the Army Air Corps units stationed in Suriname during WWII. The Army Air Corps became later the USAF. Caribean Wing, Air Transport Command, Station #15 92d Service Group 99th Service Group, HQ & HQ Squadron 1108th Army Air Force Base Unit 25th Bombardment Group 12th Airway Communication Squadron 155th Airway Communication Squadron 309th Service Squadron 9th Weather Squadron 897th Air Base Security Battalion 898th, 899th, 900th Air Base Security battalion 1483d, 1484th Supply & maintenance Aviation Company,Ordnance Department 1105th Service Group, Signal Corps.

Met dank aan Albert Buys

Met dank aan Albert Buys

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