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Book source: Metamorphosis of the Insects of Surinam, Maria Sibylla Merian, De Walburg Press, Zutphen, 1982. ISBN906011.077.3 Book reprinted at the request of Suralco with Dutch and English text.

Subject: The Life of Maria Sibylla Merian


Born in Frankfurt, Germany on April 12, 1647. She died in 1717 in Leiden, Holland at age of 69. From very early on she kept herself busy painting. At age 18 she married Johannes Graff. They had two daughters. She divorced in 1684 after a marriage of 19 years. She went to Suriname in 1699 and lived there until 1701. While in Suriname she stayed briefly at the plantation Providentia. She stayed also at a plantation belonging to the family Vreedenburg whose plantation was near the Caramacca creek. She could not stand the heat and returned to Holland where she continued drawing until 1714. There are about 60 copies of her drawings printed and the originals are extremely rare and valuable. One set is being kept in the "Surinaams Museum". Source:

Met dank aan Albert Buys

Met dank aan Albert Buys

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