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Subject: Languages of Surinam


Language Name Language Family Population Spoken in: Akurio Carib, Northern, East-West Guiana, Wama 40 to 50 (1977 WT) Southeast jungle Arawak Arawakan, Maipuran, Northern Maipuran, Caribbean 700 speakers out of 2,000 in the ethnic group in Surinam; 1,500 speakers out of 5,000 in the ethnic group in Guyana (1984 estimate); 150 to 200 in French Guiana; a few in Venezuela; 2,400 total speakers Scattered locations across the north of Surinam Aukaans English based creole, Atlantic, Surinam, Djuka 25,000 total or more, including 1,000 to 2,000 Aluku, 2,000 to 3,000 Paramaccan (1991 L. Shanks SIL); 6,000 to 10,000 in French Guiana (1990 UN) Eastern along the Marowijne and Tapanahony rivers, northeastern along the Cottica River. Speakers of Aluku are along the French Guiana border and in French Guiana. Speakers of Paramaccan are in northeast Surinam. Refugees are in Paramaribo and French Guiana

Chinese, Hakka Sino-Tibetan, Chinese 6,000 in Surinam; 25,725,000 in China; 32,000,000 total (1991 WA) Also in Guyana, Malaysia, other countries Dutch Indo-European, Germanic, West, Continental, Low, Dutch 1,000 or more in Surinam (1977); 100,000 second language speakers in Surinam (1990 UBS); 20,000,000 to 21,000,000 total National language English Indo-European, Germanic, West, North Sea, English 450,000,000 total (1991 WA) Coastal area and western

Guyanese English based creole, Atlantic, Eastern, Southern 50,000 in Surinam (1986 SIL); 650,000 possible speakers in Guyana May be some in French Guiana Hindi, Caribbean Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, East Central zone 150,000 in Surinam, about 38% of population (1986); 45,000 in Trinidad and Tobago (1986); 195,000 total Coastal region. Nearly extinct in Guyana. No speakers in French Guiana

Javanese, Caribbean Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Western Malayo-Polynesian, Sundic, Javanese 60,000 in Surinam, about 15% of population (1986) Coastal area. Also in French Guiana Kalihna Carib, Northern, Galibi 2,500 in Surinam (1989 SIL); 475 or more in Guyana; 1,200 in French Guiana; 100 or fewer in Brazil (1991); 4,000 to 5,000 in Venezuela (1978 J.C. Mosonyi); 10,000 total (1991) Various locations along the north coast. The eastern dialect in Surinam is primarily in the Albina area and in French Guiana, Brazil, and Venezuela; the western dialect is in the central and western areas of Surinam and in Guyana

Kwinti English based creole, Atlantic, Surinam, Djuka 200 to 500 (1982 SIL) North central, along the Coppename River, upstream from the Carib villages Sabana and Cornelis Kondre Matawari English based creole, Atlantic, Surinam, Saramaccan 1,000 (1977 SIL) Along Saramacca River, west of Saramaccan group Saramaccan English based creole, Atlantic, Surinam, Saramaccan 25,000 (1991 N. Glock SIL) Central, along Saramacca and upper Surinam rivers. Refugees are in Paramaribo and French Guiana Sranan English based creole, Atlantic, Surinam 130,000 to 170,000 first language speakers in Surinam, 300,000 including second language speakers (1977); 180,000 in the Netherlands (1984 Time); 310,000 to 350,000 total Mainly along the coast. Some also in the Netherlands Antilles Tri\o' Carib, Northern, East-West Guiana, Wayana-Trio 800 in Surinam (1977 WIM); 329 to 338 in Brazil (1986 SIL); 1,130 total South central, villages of Tepoe and Alalapadu Warao Language Isolate A very small number of older individuals in Surinam and the Oreala, Guyana border area; 15,000 in Venezuela (1975) Near Guyana border Wayana Carib, Northern, East-West Guiana, Wayana-Trio 600 in Surinam; 150 in Brazil; 200 in French Guiana (1977 WT); 950 total Villages in southeastern Surinam

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