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Book source: Het Kamp van Broos en Kaliko, Wim Hoogbergen,Prometheus, Amsterdam, 1996. ISBN 90 5333 448 3

Subject: [Folklore] Ghost Stories


According to the stories, around the old plantation Roorak on the Suriname river, you do not travel by night on the river.

Because, a long time ago there was a fierce battle between the 'bakras' and the Brooskamp maroons. The ghosts of those military who were killed in that battle will annoy the travellers. They will cry for help, because they want to go back to Paramaribo, and go home.

About 1900, there was a leper colony 'Groot-Chatillon'. Those lepers tried to escape and return to Paramaribo. Thus some built a raft but they were so poorly made that the people drowned in the river. Their bodies would float in the river and around darkness the ghosts of those dead people would come and frighten the people. They would make gigling noises...'hihi,hoehoe,....hellep,hellep'.

Thus the people became scared and would not travel on the river by night. To scare all those ghosts and to calm them some people would fire their rifles in the air...and all would be quiet.

Met dank aan Albert Buys

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